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Your wheels put up with a lot on the road. In Canada, the weather can be uncertain and hazards can come out of nowhere. You can’t predict what will happen, but you can be ready. Honda Plus Tire and Rim Protection will cover you from any unexpected potholes, uneven manhole covers, nails or screws. And in Canada, your winter tires are covered, too.


Honda Plus Tire and Rim Protection covers all costs related to tire and rim repair or replacement. You’ll never use a deductible or pay out-of-pocket.


No matter where you end up in Canada, you’ll be protected. We’ll cover up to $100 in towing costs and chip in $50 per day for food and lodging if you’re more than 400 km from home.


Road hazards are a very real part of daily driving in Canada:

  • Potholes
  • Uneven manhole covers
  • Broken road surfaces from freezing and thawing
  • Metal
  • Chunks of ice
  • Nails and screws
  • Vehicle accident debris
  • Glass
  • Lost cargo
Typical tire & rim replacement costs covered by the Honda Plus Program
1 Tire $250.00
1 Alloy Rim $350.00
Labour $35.00
Towing $100.00
Taxes and Levies $95.55
TOTAL $830.55
Tire and Rim Road Hazard Protection Term MSRP
  • No deductible or out of pocket expenses
  • Taxes, valve stems, balancing, installation, and tire levies are all paid
  • Flat or damaged tire and rims repaired or replaced at any Honda or Acura dealer in North America
  • Up to $50 paid towards insurance deductible for curb damage
12 months $219
24 months $249
30 months $309
36 months $349
40 months $389
48 months $449
60 months $529
72 months $599
Prices subject to change without notice 84 months $669