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Dow Honda has your back with full-term WALKAWAY Finance Protection™

When you finance or lease from Dow Honda we've got your back! If your financial or health circumstances change along the way, and your monthly payments become a source of stress, WALKAWAY® can help.

If you experience one of the six covered life events, like unemployment or physical disability, you can return your vehicle to the dealership without affecting your credit rating, and cancel up to $7,500 of your automotive debt.

We have a variety of options that allow you to extend your WALKAWAY protection that will enhance your protection to cover more unexpected life events, and even add Payment Relief® to help keep you in your vehicle through difficult times. Details below.


This represents a summary of coverages and does not form a part of the certificate of insurance. Please consult your certificate for complete details regarding how you qualify. Employment-related coverages (excluding disability) begin on the 91st day. Insurance Insight Inc. is the brokerage, and Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company and The Empire Life Insurance Company are the insurers of WALKAWAY Finance Protection™.


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