What is the Intelligent Traction Management System?

Intelligent Traction Management System

Honda’s Intelligent Traction Management System optimizes your vehicle’s performance, depending on the road conditions. With the push of a button, this technology lets you customize how your vehicle responds to snow, mud, or sand! It maintains traction and stability by working together with your Honda’s Drive-by-Wire throttle system and its Vehicle Stability Assist. There are four different traction modes:

  1. Normal: This is the default mode. It creates a balanced driving performance for most driving surfaces. Whenever you start your Honda, it will automatically be set to this mode.
  2. Snow: As the name suggests, it is to be used in snowy road conditions.
  3. Mud: Use this mode when off-roading or on muddy terrain.
  4. Sand: This mode should be used on soft, sandy, surfaces.

To use the Intelligent Traction Management System, simply press the “Mode” button! The mode you select will be displayed on the Driver Information Interface, located behind the steering wheel. Some Hondas, like the 2019 Odyssey, will have a dedicated “Snow” button on the dashboard.

You can find the Intelligent Traction Management System on the 2019 Odyssey, Pilot, Ridgeline, and the soon-to-be released Passport!

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