Vehicle Safety: Snowy Car Edition

2016 CR-V

On cold and snowy mornings, no one wants to stay outside for longer than needed. However, it is important to take the time to properly clear the snow off of your vehicle before driving off. Although there are not many statistics on the subject, the risks of driving a car covered in snow are easy to imagine. Plus, in Ontario you can be fined for having poor visibility while driving! The time and effort it takes to clear the snow off your car is worth it.

When clearing the snow off of your vehicle, don’t limit yourself to only cleaning the windshield! Your vehicle’s headlights, turn signals, and side mirrors must be cleared off as well. Although it can be difficult for some people to reach, the roof of your vehicle is an important area to clear off, too. As you are driving, the snow on your car’s roof can blow off, into the direction of other vehicles. Not only can this impede their vision, but flying snow can startle other drivers into potentially dangerous reactions. It can also go the other way, and slide down your windshield, creating a sudden vision problem for yourself. Since all of these scenarios could be potentially dangerous, the government of Ontario is using fines as a deterrent. In Ontario you can get a fine of $110 for not clearing the snow off of your vehicle. So many risks can be eliminated by taking the time to clean off your car in the winter!

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