Using the Cross Traffic Monitor

multi-angle rearview camera

If you find it tricky to back out of parking spots, then you are a prime candidate for using the Cross Traffic Monitor! It is a safety feature that works with your Honda’s backup camera to let you know if other vehicles are approaching from the left or right rear corners.

The Cross Traffic Monitor uses sensors on the back corners of your Honda to detect if vehicles are coming from within 82 ft on either side. If a vehicle is detected, it will notify the driver with an audio alert and a visual alert on the backup camera feed. The Cross Traffic Monitor will display an arrow on the side of the approaching vehicle.

This safety feature is on by default, but if you would like to turn it off:

  • On the Home screen, choose “Settings”
  • Then, select “Camera”
  • Now, find “Cross Traffic Monitor”
  • Then, choose to turn it on or off
  • Finally, click on “Save”

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