The 2018 Odyssey’s Power Sliding Doors


Power sliding doors can be a little tricky if you aren’t used to them. But, as long as the settings are correct, the power sliding doors in the 2018 Odyssey are easy to use!

The 2018 Odyssey’s power sliding doors will only work if:

  • The vehicle power mode is off or the remote engine start mode is active
  • The power sliding door switch (to the left of the steering wheel) is on.
  • The sliding door is unlocked.
  • The fuel-fill door is closed
  • If the vehicle power mode is on, the car must be in park, with the brake pressed.

Opening the power sliding doors is now as easy as pressing a button! Press the sliding door button on the 2018 Odyssey’s key fob, the driver dashboard, or on the inside of each sliding door. The door will now open. When the door is sliding, you can make it stop by pressing your desired button again. To make it continue sliding, press the button once more.

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