The Type R’s Three Driving Modes

civic type r for blog

The 2017 Civic Type R is truly a race car. It can keep up with any road conditions, due in part to its powerful engine, and its three driving modes. The Type R’s speed can be fine tuned through the Comfort, Sport, and +R modes. This system controls the Type R’s Active Damper System, Electric Power Steering, Drive-By-Wire throttle, Vehicle Stability Assist, and other features to create the perfect ride on any terrain.

The Comfort mode is optimized for smooth driving, without any surprises. The Sport mode is used for everyday driving. It has firmer damper settings, and the body is stabilized, giving a responsive feeling on any road, at any speed. The +R mode is ready to the track. It has enhanced vehicle responsiveness and firmer steering to give you full control when going at top speed.

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