How to use the HondaVAC


Have you tried the HondaVAC? It is Honda’s built-in vacuum that is found exclusively in the Honda Odyssey! But, how do you use it?

The HondaVAC can be used whether the engine is on or off! First, put the Odyssey in Park. Now, choose to either start the engine, or set the power mode to “Accessory”. When the Odyssey is in Accessory mode, the HondaVAC can be used to 8 minutes, without starting the engine. Next, locate the HondaVAC in the rear cargo area, and open its storage lid. Pull out the vacuum, and press the power button to start tidying up!

If you have been using the HondaVAC in Accessory mode, a time limit alert will sound after 7 minutes. At the 8 minute mark, a beep will be heard, the “PWR SAVE” light will come on, and the vacuum will turn off. If you would like to keep using the HondaVAC, you will have to start the engine. Once the engine is started, the vacuum will restart after roughly one minute.

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