“Thank You” Breakfast and Refugee613 on 1310 NEWS Tomorrow!

Dow Volunteer Thank You Breakfast

To help spread the word about our Volunteer “Thank You” Breakfast, Dow Honda and Louisa Taylor of Refugee613 will be appearing on 1310 NEWS! Tune in to the Carol Anne Meehan Show on 1310 NEWS, tomorrow at 2:45pm for a Q and A with Louisa Taylor, the volunteer efforts of Refugee613, and our “Thank You” Breakfast!

Lousia Taylor of Refugee613

Louisa Taylor (pictured above, center), is the Director for Refugee613. Refugee613 is a local volunteer organization which aims to welcome refugees, and help them integrate into life in Ottawa. It is a network of citizens and community partners who help refugees access support and services to begin their lives here. With their goals to inform, connect, and inspire close at heart, Refugee613 has created a strong presence for itself throughout Ottawa.

Tune in to the Carol Anne Meehan Show tomorrow at 2:45pm for a great discussion with Louisa Taylor, and to learn about volunteering in Ottawa.

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