Facts About Fog Lights!

2017 Accord HybridWhat are fog lights?

Fog lights are exactly what they sound like; special headlights that are used to help the driver see in the rain, snow, or fog.

How do fog lights work?

Fog lights have a sharp cutoff, so they can keep their reach low to the road. When regular headlights are used in foggy weather, the light can reflect off of the water droplets, back at the driver. This can make it very difficult to see. Fog lights remove this problem, by focusing their light so low. They illuminate the road, under the water droplets. Properly positioned fog lights will project their light 5 to 10 cm off the surface of the road.

Fog light faux pas:

Although there aren’t any specific laws about fog light in Ontario, there are certain situations when you should not use them. A common complaint about fog lights is when they are used at night. Using fog lights at night, when it isn’t foggy, can blind other drivers. It is safer to use your low beams instead, when driving at night.

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