Honda Radio Codes

2016 Pilot

Why does my Honda need a radio code?

If your Honda’s battery dies, or is disconnected, the radio will lock. This is a safety feature, to protect against criminals trying to steal it. The radio will not function normally until you enter in the radio code.

How can I find my radio code?

The radio code is part of the package you receive when you pick up your Honda. Check your Honda’s manual package; you might have left it in there! It is also sometimes listed on a white sticker, inside the glovebox.

I don’t know my radio code!

If you can’t remember your radio code, we can help:

  1. Put your Honda in “idle”.
  2. Make sure that the radio is off.
  3. Hold down the numbers 1 and 6 at the same time.
  4. Press the radio power button.
  5. The serial number will now appear on the screen. Write it down, and call our Service department at 613-237-2777.
  6. Explain your situation to one of our Service consultants, and give them the serial number. They will issue you a new radio code!

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