Accessory Packages: The Aero Kit

2016 Civic Aero Kit

Accessories are a great way to add a personal touch to your Honda. They can be purchased as single units, however, there is a wide array of accessory packages to make customizing your Honda easy. Some accessory packages are model exclusives, while others are available across the Honda lineup! Today we will explore Honda’s Aero Kit package!

The Aero Kit is a set of aesthetic enhancements that amplify the aerodynamic look of your vehicle. It comes in two versions; one for the Civic and one for the Accord. The Civic version of the Aero Kit (shown above on the 2016 Civic coupe) comes with front, rear, and side underbody spoilers. It is available for the 2016 Civic coupe, the 2016 Civic sedan, and the 2017 Civic Hatchback.

2017 Accord Aero Kit

 The Accord version of the Aero Kit slightly different than the Civic version. The Accord Aero Kit (shown above on the 2017 Accord sedan) comes with front, rear, and side skirts. It is available on the 2017 Accord sedan and the 2017 Accord coupe.

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