Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System

2016 CR-V

What is the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System?

While reviewing the specs of your Honda, you might have noticed that it comes equipped with the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System. This is Honda’s exclusive, real-time navigation system that uses GPS and a map database to plan your route. It uses both voice commands and system controls. These maps have many customizable options to help create a personalized map for every driver. You can plan a route to avoid traffic, or find your destination by searching through popular categories! You can even view the map in 3D!

The screen of the vehicle’s Display Audio System shows the main map, with your highlighted route. Behind the wheel, on the Driver Information Interface, you will find more information regarding your route! This screen shows the street name of your next guidance point, the distance to this next guidance point, and your current and upcoming route directions.


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