What does “turbocharged” mean?


What is a turbocharged engine?

A turbocharged engine is an engine that uses the turbine-driven forced induction method to power the vehicle. This method forces recycled car exhaust into the engine’s combustion chamber. A turbocharged engine can have up to 50% more air flowing through it than a traditional engine. This means that turbocharged engines can be smaller than traditional engines, but still produce the same amount of power. This is what gives turbocharged vehicles their ability to quickly and powerfully accelerate.

How does a turbocharged engine work?

Turbocharged Engine

The turbocharger is connected to the exhaust manifold of the engine. Exhaust enters the turbocharger, and spins the turbines within. It is then sucked into the compressor, which forces the air into the engine’s cylinders. The more air passing through the cylinders, the more power the engine can produce. The graphic above shows how the turbocharger works with Honda’s VTEC Turbo engine.

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Check out the video below for a breakdown of Honda’s 1.5L turbo engine!