HondaLink: The Next Generation

What is HondaLink: The Next Generation?

HondaLink: The Next Generation is Honda’s latest way to integrate the power of your smartphone with your vehicle. This technology is able to connect your smartphone to the Display Audio Interface (Honda’s 7 inch touchscreen display), so you can use apps for navigation, entertainment, communication, and more!

To use HondaLink: The Next Generation, you will need:

  • an iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, or iPhone 5
  • an HDMI cable, a lightning USB cable, and a Lightning AV Adapter cable
  • a Honda ID (it is the same as the login)

The Apps:

HondaLink: The Next Generation’s key features are controlled through four different apps, three of which are free to use!

  1. Connect: this free app is used to receive maintenance info for your vehicle, can contact Honda Roadside Assistance in case of an emergency, and will even display the weather!
  2. Aha: this free app controls the playable media for your vehicle! You can access cloud-based media through the HondaLink dashboard, or listen to podcasts or audiobooks. This app also connects to Twitter and Facebook, so you can read updates.
  3. Launcher: the final free app helps to further integrate your smartphone’s technology with HondaLink! The Launcher app helps to find other party apps that are compatible with the HondaLink system, and brings them right to the dashboard.
  4. Navigation: priced at $59.96, this is the ultimate navigation app. It includes 3D mapping, traffic updates, and you can preplan your routes on your smartphone and display them on the dashboard!

So far, HondaLink: The Next Generation is found on certain 2015 Fit, 2015 Civic, and 2015 CR-V models! For more information about this new technology, click here for the Quick start Guide!