Smartphone Apps to Improve Your Drive!

Smartphone apps are a great way to harness technology to improve your drive! If your vehicle doesn’t have HondaLink, or you are just a techie looking to try something new, these innovative driving apps should be a great help!

ParkMe Parking:

 Available on Google Play and iTunes, ParkMe Parking is a free parking information database that covers over 500 cities. It lets you view maps of parking lots in your city, their costs, and capacity. Parking rates are displayed on the city maps to make navigation a breeze. It also features a parking timer so you won’t forget when to pick up your car!


Waze is a free app available for both Android and iPhones. It is a social GPS that lets you share traffic conditions with other users. You can report, or modify your route for accidents, road closures, detours, or anything that obstructs your drive. It has voice navigation, and it will suggest a quicker route when available. You can program in your frequent destinations, and Waze will also tell you the cheapest gas prices along the way!

Beat the Traffic:

Beat the Traffic is a great app for Android or iPhone users who can’t stand traffic jams! This app’s maps show real time traffic flow, and any accidents along the way. When you assign your route, it will automatically create a “Smart Route” for you to get you there in the least amount of time!

FillUp Gas Mileage Log (Android)/Gas Cubby (iPhone):

FillUp (shown above) and Gas Cubby (shown below) are two extremely similar gas mileage tracking apps, that are exclusive to their respective operating systems. Both of these apps are free and very simple to use. Just enter the amount of gas you purchase at each fill up, and your odometer at the time. The apps will calculate your fuel economy for you! The data can then be exported in a CVS file, shared via email, or saved to your cloud. If you want to keep track of how much you are paying at the pump, either one of these apps would be a great help!

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