Honda’s Magic Seats: Space Saving Sorcery

The Honda Fit has really made a name for itself. It may look like the little brother of the CR-V, but the Fit’s spacious interior is legendary. The Fit’s cargo power comes from Honda’s Magic Seat system; passenger seats that can be folded up and down to create versatile amounts of cargo room. Since the seats have two folding directions, you can organize them however you need to, while still feeling comfortable while you drive.

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 The 2014 Fit can hold a maximum of 585L of cargo, thanks to its Magic Seats. In this model, the seats can be set into four “modes”. With all of the passenger seats in their proper, upright position, the Fit is in “People Mode”. In this configuration, the Fit can seat five. In “Tall Mode”, the back passenger seats are flipped upwards. This creates 4 feet of extra room from the floor to the ceiling. In “Long Mode”, the front passenger seat is folded down, along with the seat behind it. This creates a perfect space for long items, like hockey sticks! Finally, there is “Utility Mode”, where the back passenger seats are folded flat against the floor. This helps to extend the trunk area, and create a nice opened space for cargo!

The 2015 Fit has made a few tweaks to the Magic Seats. This model should have an additional 4.8 inches of leg room compared to the 2014 Fit. So far, it is speculated that the 2015 Fit can be so spacious, that you could fit a bicycle in the trunk without removing the wheels! Stay tuned for when we test this out!

With a name like “Magic Seats”, it is easy to discount the Fit as having a bit of a gimmick. But, the Magic Seats are hardly about hype! They are an easy-to-use, customizable way to make the most out of your vehicle’s carrying power.

If you would like to test drive a Fit, or see the Magic Seats in action, feel free to contact us!