Should I Press the ECON Button?


If you are concerned about maximizing your Honda’s fuel efficiency, then the ECON button is your new best friend!

Hondas are known for their great fuel economy, but if you want to take it one step further, consider pressing the ECON button. With one press your vehicle switches into a super efficient mode that does everything it can to maximize fuel efficiency:

  • a more gentle throttle is maintained
  • in vehicles with automatic transmission, it shifts into higher gears more quickly than without the ECON mode
  • in vehicles with manual transmission, the display screen will indicate when you should shift gears for better fuel economy
  • it limits how long the air conditioner runs

These small changes help to lighten load on the engine, so the fuel consumed is mostly being used for driving power. In ECON mode, fuel isn’t used by shifting gears at the wrong time, overuse of the air conditioner, or sudden stops-and-starts. Your vehicle can completely focus on driving.

The ECON button can be found in the 2014 Civic (coupe and sedan), 2014 Accord (coupe and sedan), 2014 Civic Hybrid, and the 2014 CRV.