Using the 2017 Ridgeline’s Truck Bed Audio System

2014 and 2017 Ridgeline Differences

The 2017 Ridgeline isn’t a typical truck. One of its signature features is the Truck Bed Audio System. The Ridgeline’s truck bed is equipped with a set of speakers, making it a hit at any tailgate party. The best part; this audio system is easy to use!

To use the Truck Bed Audio System, put the Ridgeline in Park. Next, set the ignition to either “ON” or “Accessory” mode. The audio system will play for roughly three hours while the Ridgeline is in Accessory mode. It will have no time limit when it is set to “ON”. Then, on the Home Screen, select “Truck Bed Audio” and set it to “On”. You can now hear music through the truck bed speakers!

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